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Interlog - Экспертные логистические решения Interlog - Экспертные логистические решения

Transport logistics

INTERLOG company specializes in organizing international multimodal (combined) transportation, both container cargo and groupage cargo. To develop an optimal delivery route, we work with road, sea, rail and air transport, it allows us to form an integrated transport chain that significantly decrease the period and the price of cargo delivery. We provide a full set of services such as developing the optimal route, organizing and escorting the cargo at all stages of the transportation, including all issues related to customs clearance, permits, financial support, insurance and security of the cargo.

One of the profiles of the logistics transport company Intelog is the provision of services aimed at organizing international multimodal (mixed) cargo transportation. Our company will help to organize the transportation of both consolidated and contenerized cargo.

The main task of transport logistics is to create the most comfortable and profitable cargo transportation route for the client. Working with land, water and air transport allows us to form a single transport chain, thereby reducing the time and cost of cargo transportation.

Interlog company provides a wide range of logistics services: from creating an optimal delivery route to customs and legal support of cargo and registration of permits.

The relevance of multimodal cargo transportation: when are they necessary?

Delivering cargo to an impressive distance in one piece is not an easy task. Practice shows that solving it requires not one, but several modes of transport at once. Most often, multimodal cargo transportation is necessary in the absence of rail or air service. In this case, it is impossible to do without multimodal (mixed) transportation, involving the delivery of cargo by land, rail, water and air transport on various segments of the route. In order for the cargo to be delivered on time, the logistics operator is involved in the process: this specialist selects the optimal type of vehicle.

Specifics of multimodal cargo transportation

This method of cargo delivery is in high demand among foreign trade participants for a reason. In particular, such delivery is relevant if shipping by another method will take too much time or will require huge financial costs. Multimodal cargo transportation allows you to deliver a particular product to hard-to-reach areas, using several modes of transport.

Transport logistics Vladivostok Interlog specializes in international multimodal cargo transportation and has extensive experience in this field. Our transport logistics specialists are ready to organize the process "from scratch", taking on the responsibilities of:

* Choosing the optimal delivery route.

* Ensuring the safety of the delivered cargo.

* Registration of the necessary permits.

* Successful implementation of customs procedures.

* Legal and insurance support of goods.

* Coordination of the actions of each participant in the logistics chain.

* Reduction of total transportation costs for large shipments.

Mixed cargo transportation with reliable partners

Interlog cooperates only with trusted shipping companies. Extensive experience in the field of transport logistics allows us to approach each order comprehensively:

  • Among our reliable partners are sea, road, rail and air carriers.
  • We regularly interact with operators of railway terminals and seaports.
  • * Partnership with freight forwarders contributes to the rapid customs clearance of goods.

    * Project cargo transportation is available to customers, as well as the development of individual delivery schemes.

    Why choose Interlog?

    In the best way, the company's strengths reflect the feedback of satisfied customers and partners. Here are just a few of our advantages

  • * Interlog is a company ready to develop unique solutions for each client.
  • The main task of the company is to ensure safe, inexpensive and efficient transport logistics at all stages of the cargo route.
  • * Interlog employs a wide range of experienced specialists in various fields: logistics, legal, customs, tax and other fields. This allows the company to offer a full range of services relevant to foreign trade participants.

    * Cooperation with Interlog - saving effort, money and time on international cargo transportation.

    * The company's consultants are always ready to explain in detail the specifics of any service.

    Transport logistics from Interlog is a deep knowledge, experience and modern technical capabilities that provide fast, inexpensive and reliable international cargo transportation.

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