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Outsourcing of FEA

For the implementation of foreign economic activity, the company INTERLOG provides full support for all stages of the import-export transaction:

* Search for suppliers, audit of factories

* Conclusion of foreign trade contracts (import/export)

* Implementation of financial services

* Organization and implementation of turnkey delivery of goods

* Customs clearance

* Assistance in obtaining permits

* Consulting on all issues of transport logistics, customs clearance, accounting and legal services, as well as on the purchase of goods.

* Provision of a personal manager, both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the territory of the PRC.

Outsourcing is a set of services aimed at delegating certain business operations and production processes by the company to a contractor with specialization in the necessary field. The main rule of outsourcing is to leave yourself a range of tasks that you do better than others, delegating third-party functions to professionals.

Most often, foreign trade participants turn to accounting outsourcing specialists in order to reduce costs. Another reason is the opportunity to relieve yourself of the responsibilities of organizing business processes that are not a priority for the company. Thus, outsourcing allows you to optimize time and labor resources, and also makes it possible to focus the company's attention on improving priority areas of activity. This service contributes to the organization of rapid transportation of goods abroad, especially in conditions of severe time constraints. Thus, outsourcing provides a comfortable process of studying and preparing all the necessary documentation.

In which cases is outsourcing especially relevant?

Outsourcing companies' services are beneficial in the following cases:

* The frequency and total volume of deliveries made by the company are relatively small, which indicates the economic unjustifiability of forming its own logistics service.

* The frequency and volume of deliveries made by the company are very large, but at the same time you plan to direct the available resources to improve the profile direction.

  • You want to reduce the financial and time costs of forming your own logistics service within the framework of foreign economic activity.
  • What does outsourcing give to foreign trade participants?

    The company Interlog provides a full range of outsourcing services for foreign trade entities. The help of specialists allows:

    * Reduce resources and "frozen" finances.

    * Ensure stable readiness of goods for delivery.

    * Accelerate the pace of order fulfillment, improve their quality.

    * Increase the flexibility of production processes.

    * Provide full information support.

    * Accelerate capital turnover.

    Our services

    The company Interlog offers comprehensive assistance in the implementation of foreign trade activities. The company's specialists offer full support for each stage of import and export operations:

    * Search for reliable suppliers.

    * Audit of manufacturing enterprises.

    * Assistance in customs clearance.

    * Receipt of accompanying documentation.

    * Provision of financial services.

    * Assistance in obtaining permits.

    * Conclusion of foreign trade transactions for the import and export of goods.

    * Detailed advice on issues related to transport logistics, customs clearance, accounting and legal services, purchase of goods.

    * Provision of personal outsourcer services in Russia and China.

    Advantages of outsourcing of foreign economic activity

    Interlog's services provide:

    * Reduction of the tariff for currency conversion.

    * A variety of ways of transporting goods.

    * Fixed remuneration.

    * Consolidation of small and medium-sized shipments.

    * A regressive scale of tariffs for services (the more goods are imported, the lower the costs).

    * Minimization of possible risks when conducting foreign trade activities.

    Outsourcing procedure

    The specialists of the company Interlog work in the following order:

  • First of all, a contract for the supply of goods is concluded.
  • * Next, a contract is concluded for the purchase of goods from the supplier.

    * Goods are purchased and delivered to the designated customs point for customs clearance.

  • After customs clearance, the goods are delivered to the warehouse of the customer or recipient.
  • * Then the client receives a complete package of documentation (invoice, invoices, declaration, etc.).

    How do we work?

    As part of the provision of outsourcing services, Interlog uses:

  • All types of international cargo transportation, including multimodal.
  • * Large-size and project cargo transportation.

    * Import of all types of goods prohibited for import into the territory of the country.

    * Experience gained over many years of outsourcing services.

    You can find out more about the available outsourcing services in Vladivostok and make an appointment for a consultation on any issues on the company's website, as well as at the specified number.

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