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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a key and integral step in the transport chain and requires knowledge of customs and tax regulations. INTERLOG LLC, which specialists have the necessary qualifications and great experience, provides a complete support for customs clearance of cargo, minimizes all possible risks associated with an increase in customers' money costs and time expenditure.

INTERLOG offers the services of a customs broker with a full range of support for customs clearance:

  • preparation, support of foreign trade contracts;
  • coding of goods in accordance with the EAEU Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity;
  • getting a customs classification decision of the FCS;
  • checking for the availability of permits, assistance in getting them (declarations, certificates of conformity, etc.);
  • calculation of customs payments;
  • preparation of documents for customs clearance;
  • confirmation of the value of the goods;
  • representation of clients' interests in customs authorities, including presence during checking / inspections of goods.

If you perform a direct contract, INTERLOG will offer an integrated expert logistics solution for the cargo delivery, as well as a financial consulting service.

Customs clearance of goods is one of the mandatory components of the logistics chain, requiring special knowledge in the field of customs rules and taxation. Without this procedure, it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged and, most importantly, legitimate foreign economic activity.

Interlog specialists are ready to provide a full range of customs clearance services in Vladivostok. The company has extensive experience in customs support, minimizing possible risks and reducing the cost of customs clearance. The company's services allow you to avoid unnecessary time costs and complex interaction with foreign customs.

Qualified assistance in customs clearance and certification

Regardless of the specifics of cargo transportation, the goods always require customs clearance across the border of the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure. The company Interlog specializes in the assembly, compilation and preparation of the necessary documentation to obtain the appropriate certificates and permits. Cooperation with the company will help the client to bypass undesirable delays of goods at the border and be sure that the transported goods will be issued in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international legislation.

Specifics of customs clearance

Interlog Company offers customs clearance services to clients participating in foreign economic activity in cooperation with competent federal representatives of the industry. Partnership with us provides the client with many advantages:

* The possibility of release at various customs terminals without geographical reference to a specific location.

* Optimization of freight transportation costs.

* Convenient submission of customs declaration to any posts of the Russian Federation through the electronic declaration system.

* Reliable and fully legal customs clearance procedure that meets the requirements of Russian and international legislation.

* Thorough inspection of shipping documentation required for customs clearance.

* Interaction with shipping companies in order to coordinate the details of customs clearance (if necessary).

* Identification and elimination of defects and errors in invoices, packaging documents, conducting a preliminary inspection of the transported goods for declaration at the customs of the Russian Federation.

* Prevention of difficulties with cargo declaration, prevention of cargo transport downtime at the customs terminal.

* Detailed consultations and assistance in the process of passing complex declaration procedures.

* Proof of the customs value of the goods.

* Legal support.

Extensive experience in the field of customs clearance of goods allows us to quickly identify the range of necessary procedures and services. Interlog specialists are always ready to provide consulting assistance in preparing documents and perform most of the actions themselves.

Our services

As part of the customs clearance support, Interlog acts as a customs broker. The standard list of services provided includes:

* Drafting and legal support of foreign trade contracts.

* Coding of goods according to current standards.

* Obtaining a classification solution.

* Checking the package of documents for the availability of necessary permits and certificates, assistance in obtaining them (in case of absence).

* Dative calculation of customs payments.

* Preparation of a package of documentation for subsequent customs clearance.

* Proof of the value of the goods.

* Reconciliation of codes for transported goods.

* Reconciliation of registration documentation.

* Protection of the client's interests in the customs authorities (including representation in the framework of the inspection of goods).

* Provision of qualified legal assistance.

The company is ready to provide full expert logistics support to clients working under direct contracts. Our solutions will help to transport cargo without any obstacles thanks to competent financial consulting.

You can find out more about our services and make an appointment for a consultation on any issues on the company's website, as well as at the specified number.

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